What Does Christianity Does Forgiving Love?

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Jesus Christ, the incarnation of God walked the earth trying to achieve peace for humanity. Jesus Christ suffered for humanity so that humans could live in peace with one another and with God. The evangelist Mark, who announced the gospel of Jesus, spoke of a victory. This victory was one of a kind in the sense that it was not won by an emperor or a king, but by a real God. But what does Christianity mean by resurrection? Christianity by resurrection means forgiving love. It means peace. It means a chance for a new life.
It is critical to understand this moment of resurrection because this moment brought eternal peace. One reason why this moment brought eternal peace is because when Jesus Christ was crucified he accepted his faith and did not do anything to stop the soldiers from hurting him. According to Luke’s gospel, “Jesus Chris offered a prayer of forgiveness for those who crucified him, for all humanity” (Dear, 27). The prayer was, “Father, Forgive them; for they know
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The reason why Christianity means a new life is because it is a chance to walk on Jesus Christ path. A path of justice and trust. According to Cavanaugh, “Jesus’ pain is appropriated by others to redeem, not increase, suffering” (280).This meaning that Jesus Christ pain, his suffering, is for us to take what happened and embrace it. This moment is for us to remember that this, “One sacrifice is to take away the world’s pain” (Cavanaugh, 280). “This unrepeatable sacrifice, His death by torture on the cross, serves to abolish other blood sacrifices once and for all” (Cavanaugh, 280). This sacrifice is the one that brought change into this world. This sacrifice is the one that cleanses all people from sin and illness. This sacrifice is the sacrifice that will make the world into a better place for humanity. According to John Dear this new way of life is, “The way of nonviolence incarnated, announced, taught, modeled and significant in Jesus”
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