We Must Stop Climate Change Now

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Introduction. Globally, climate change is regarded as both an urgent as well as serious issue (Stern, 2006). Defined as the lasting and significant change in the statistical distribution of the patterns of weather over periods that range between years to decades, climate change is believed to be a result of the human activities which have lead to global warming over the years (Sagan& Chyba1997). Other prospective contributors to climate change include biotic processes, solar radiation variations, volcanic eruptions and plate tectonics. Scientists continue to work actively with the aim of understanding the past as well as the future climate through observations and the use of theoretical models. A climate record has been assembled through the deep extension into the past of the earth .This assembly continues to be built up based on evidence that is geological in nature such as borehole temperature profiles, faunal and floral records, glacial process among others. Enormous amounts of publications have been written on the subject of climate change. Many authors and environmentalists argue their cases and present different perspectives on the controversial subject. While some argue that the risks of climate change are high, others hold the view that the risks have been greatly exaggerated. Recent studies and surveys indicate that only 36% of scientists believe that human beings are the cause of global warming and therefore climate change On the contrary the other scientists hold the opinion that nature is the primary cause of climate change and that climate change will not be a serious problem(Lefsrud & Meyer 2012 ). In my discussion I will focus on two peer reviews: ‘What is the Economics of Climate Change?’ a peer review writt... ... middle of paper ... ...depletion of the ozone layer, biodiversity and stress on food producing systems(IPCC 2013). Therefore, climate change is highly risky and the appropriate international steps should be taken in order to stop more climate change and its negative and severe consequences. Reference list. Lefsrud, L. M & Meyer, R. (2012). Science or Science fiction?: Professionals Discursive Construction of Climate Change . Organizational Studies vol 33 , p.1477-1506. Stern ,N, (2006). What Is The Economics Of Climate Change. World Economics Vol 7. p(1-10). Solomon, S et al. (2009). "Irreversible Climate Change Due To Carbon Dioxide Emissions” Sagan, C & Chyba, C (1997). "The Early Faint Sun Paradox: Organic Shielding of Ultraviolet-Labile Greenhouse Gases”. Science 276 (5316): IPCC (2013). Fifth Assessment Report (5AR) Retrieved from http://www.ipcc.ch/ on 23/12/2013.
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