Walter White's Conflict With The Family In The Show

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In the show Breaking Bad, there’s conflict throughout the entire series. There’s conflict with the family, there’s conflict with the job Walter White is associated with, but the main conflict throughout the whole story is Walter White’s relationship. Walter White throughout the series goes from being a high school chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer to a high-end meth dealer named Heisenberg. He deals with many confrontations, and has to adapt to who he’s become. Throughout the show, Walter goes through what Mark Knapp likes to call “Knapp’s Relationship Model,” and causes a healthy relationship to basically rot.
At the start of the season, Walter White is happily married to his wife Skylar. Which in Knapp’s model …show more content…

She ends up getting with her boss, and when Walter finds out, he attempts to kill him. Another thing that happens is when Skylar and Walter come across each other they have constant arguments, and it seems as if nothing gets resolved. During this season, it seems as if Walter has now gotten over Skylar, and is focusing on making millions of dollars’ worth of meth. He becomes very coldhearted, and then ends up killing Skylar’s sisters husband in a shooting. Walter then begins to present himself to Skylar as if he has his entire life under control, and there’s nothing she can do about it to ruin …show more content…

In Breaking Bad, betrayal is the biggest issue. Making his relationship become the darkest it could be. With him have emotional infidelity for the money he was making, he is basically blinded to everything else he’s been doing. He doesn’t care about who’s he damaging as long as it’s not hurting him, which shows how much he uses deception throughout the seasons. Walter has used deception to trick his ex-wife, and has used it to try and convince his son that he was doing good. Constantly lying made Walter develop into someone he wasn’t supposed to be, but when he got involved with meth dealing he accepted the terms of giving up his loyalty as a truthful

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