Vision Of America Essay: My Vision For America

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My Vision for America People have different visions for this country, but my vision for America is equality. I believe that a person should not have to fear their life when going to the store or walking down the street because of their appearance, religion, sexual orientation, or social standing. Thousands of people have died fighting for equality, but it is still a problem today. It does not matter the color of skin or the gender, a person should be treated as an equal, but that isn’t always the case. My vision for America is for everyone to be treated as an equal. Several documents have been established to keep all citizens equal. Documents such as the Constitution and the Emancipation Proclamation have stated that all people are created…show more content…
Everyone should be able to have a place to live and be treated equally. They should be able to have access to care. If people are poor they should be able to access health care, however not the way it is now. I do not believe they should be forced to buy healthcare insurance such as Obamacare, but it should be provided at little to no cost to everyone because not everyone can afford it. I believe that the veterans of this country should be taken care of just as equally as the politicians of this country are. Veterans are the very people that have defended our rights and our country; they have defended my dream for this country to be equal. Healthcare should be equal across the board for everyone because the sick should not have to die because they can 't afford…show more content…
While to a certain point I agree with this idea, but I still believe we should all be equal. Not only black lives should matter in this country but white, Hispanic, Indian, Japanese, and every other ethnicity in America should matter. After all, we should not all be separated because we are all the same thing, American! We need to quit shoving people into categories and instead come together so that we may unite as one and be equal across the board. We must stop fighting each other because if we do not, we cannot be equal. All lives matter, and we need to understand that we are all human, no matter the culture, the color, or the beliefs of any group of people. I believe everyone should be held accountable for their actions, no matter who they are; if you break the law you should be held accountable accordingly. There should not be any favors provided; equal consequences for

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