Violence in the Media

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The media’s use of graphic violence can have many different effects on people. The media often shows violent acts and since wide age groups of people use media, research has been done to measure what extent the media’s use of violence do to these people. The two articles that I found both analyzed the implications of graphic violence in the media and its effect on Americans. “Violence and Suffering in Television News: Toward a Broader Conception of Harmful Television Content for Children” is written by Juliette H. Walma Van Der Molen. This article focuses on the potential emotional effects that graphic television news stories have on children viewing them. The other article, “Report of the Media Violence Commission,” provides a more detailed look at how violence in the media impacts Americans of all ages; it shows the results of several studies that prove the effects are often negative. This article also addresses the risk factors, evidence of the effects of violent media, and ways these effects can be lessened.
Walma Van Der Molen showed me that children become stressed or anxious after watching traumatic television news events; and “Report of the Media Violence Commission” showed me that being exposed to media violence in the form of television, internet or video games can increase the possibility of people becoming aggressive. I believe the media can have negative consequences on people in its portrayal of violence, but sometimes the use of violence is necessary to prove a point or to broadcast news. However, too much violence, especially senseless media violence, can become a very bad thing and affect people negatively.
Van Der Molen’s article specifically focuses on the effects of children watching violent television news....

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...levision should be re-done (“Report” 339). This view is interesting and I agree partly with what he is saying. However, how would this revamping of ratings occur? This seems overly ambitious and hard to achieve.
“Violence and Suffering in Television News: Toward a Broader Conception of Harmful Television Content for Children” and “Report of the Media Violence Commission” both showed the possible effects violence has on children and adults alike. Children react emotionally and imitatively to violence on television news, and adults react aggressively to being frequently exposed to violence. The effects of violence can vary from person to person; there will be no certain way a person will behave based on what they see, because every person is different. It is clear, however, that a move toward showing less violence in the media would be a good start for our country.
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