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In the past, the kind of technology that we had to develop video games was just something really simple such as GoldSrc which was a game engine used internally by Valve Software to create a video game called Half-Life. We did not have anything advanced like Cryengine 3 or Frostbite 3 to create some currently well-known known games that have realistic looking graphics such as Crysis 3 or Battlefield Hardline. In our world today, entertainment has taken a big part in our lives, especially in developed countries such as the United States. Beside from movies, we have a really high demand and expectations toward our video games. For the purpose of competition, most video game developers are required to be up to date with their technology in order to make the best possible video games for the consumers. This would not only benefit the consumers for being able to enjoy the best video game experience out there but would also benefit the game developers as well for having a high demand for this type of product which means more game developers, programmers, and designers would be needed to create future video games and, this should help speeding up the production time to have the game be available on the market as soon as possible. Likewise, video game experience has vastly improved thanks to the rapid advancement in technology. We came from watching a black and white blurry TV to an ultra high definition 4K-display smart TV that comes with 3D technology. With that in mind, the experience that we now have in video games are more real than ever. It is so real that sometimes while we are playing the game, it makes it hard to realize that we’re living in a virtual world by having our eyes looking at the screen for a long period of time and it ... ... middle of paper ... ...hers and. For example, if you play extremely violent video games where you could often see blood by shooting people or stabbing people to death while enjoyed it then you should go ahead and continue playing the game but just don’t try to recreate the scene of what you saw in the real world because those kinds of actions aren’t legal in the real world. Another beliefs from Gallagher toward why violent video games shouldn’t be illegal to kids is that, “According to FBI statistics, youth violence has declined in recent years as computer and video game popularity soared.” In different words, video games do not have an effect toward the juvenile crime rate and in the reality it is actually helping the rate decrease by making children to stay indoor more often and prevent those minors from being involved with criminal activities in the real world such as stealing or murder.

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