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Video Game Controversy Have you ever played a video game? Did you enjoy it? There is a big controversy going on right now and it has to do with video games and how they affect us as people. Are video games bad? Do they cause humans to be more aggressive than we should be? Michele Zorrilla, the author of The Video Game Controversy: Aggression, Benefits, and Addiction explains, very unbiasedly, both sides of the argument. The article states how video games cause people to become more violent because of the types of games that they play. Most games that kids and young adults play nowadays are to kill the other player as many times as you can. Zorrilla also explains how video games can be beneficial to one’s life. Video games are controlling many young kids’ lives; will they have the positive impact or the negative impact on them? Most video games are very violent. They make killing seem like it’s not bad and some kids don’t understand that. According to Michele Zorrilla, violent and aggressive video games were one of the main reasons for the school shootings at Columbine in 1999 and Virginia Tech in 2007 (Zorrilla 2). She states in this piece that video games are proven to increase one’s aggression and that young men are more likely to have the increased aggressive behavior than young females would. The youth are the most vulnerable to be affected by the violence of video games. There was a meta-analysis of research done for violent video games and it stated video games are “indeed positively associated with heightened levels of aggression in young adults and children, in experimental and nonexperimental designs, and in males and females” (Zorrilla 3). There was also another experiment done which looked at the short-term aggression... ... middle of paper ... ...e should play video games as a group, instead of just an activity that you do when you’re bored. One of the big ones that she said in the article is that students need to limit their time playing video games. They don’t need to play for five or six hours straight because that will cause you to become addicted very quickly. Zorrilla did an excellent job in this article explaining both sides of the argument and giving great examples of each topic. Zorrilla didn’t choose one side or another. She was very unbiased throughout the entire article explaining each topic and just giving facts. It makes you really think, are you doing the right things if you play these violent games? Take into consideration all the main points that Zorrilla explains and then make the call if video games are good or bad. Don’t let it be too late before you see that you have a problem.

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