Vampire And The New Vampire

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Vampires in Literature Vampire literature has changed drastically over the centuries. The old vampire is a blood- thirsty, emotionless monster; this is seen, for example, in the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. The new vampire, the sympathetic vampire, is more open-ended. The new vampire does not represent evil or the devil, but what is suppressed in modern society. The supporters of the old vampire want Dracula to be a monster. The supporters of the new vampire on the other hand like it to be a beautiful creature that does not want to hurt people (Kristjansdottir “Vampire in Lit.”). The idea of an undead night stalker that feeds on human blood has been around for centuries and endures to this day. Numerous countries and cultures across the globe have personal deviations of a similar folklore entity. According to Shepherd: “The idea that vampires exist across the globe has been subject to folk tale, superstition, and myth throughout the history of man. Supernatural beings that visit humans and animals during the night to feed on their blood or other life-giving forces are a widespread and persistent belief. Legends of such creatures have been reported for various cultures almost worldwide. Including China, India, Malaya, The Phillipines, Arabia, Turkey, Africa, and Europe. The ancient Greeks and Romans told of succubi, demons in female form who sucked men’s blood while having sexual relations with them in their sleep until they were deprived of their manhood or died.” (Shepherd “Evolution of the Vampire.”) Similar creatures are found in Oriental legends with the added attraction that they fed on corpses as well as blood. It is believed that the universality of the legend ... ... middle of paper ... today but not as it used to. The female as the helpless victim is just so outdated due to the changes in society. The vampire literature has been moved to more of a romance or action genre. The last thing that has changed is that this new vampire could be your next door neighbor. Some recent serial killers have had a wife, children, and live in a very normal neighborhood. No one would have guessed what horrific things they were doing in their spare time. This new fear in people gives the new vampire a new role. This new vampire looks normal, like a human. Also, it acts like one. This is because in most novels, the vampire is newly made so it holds onto its human traditions and actions (Hallab “Allure of the Undead.”). So whether it be old or new, the vampire has been a very popular figure in literature for centuries due to the many possibilities it has behind it.
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