Until Today

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Dylan had always been quite a shy kid in every aspect of his life. Even though he did have a few friends he never talked that much at school, he would hardly talk to his parents about his life and when it came to his sports he was focused on them and didn’t want to distract himself by talking to the other boys not the team. He always new that he was a little different from everyone else but he ever knew how or why, until today. It was a normal day in small town Louisiana where going to church every sunday and abiding by the bible as well as helping out on the farm is the regular routine. The sun was shining and radiating its warmth all throughout his walk to school by himself. Since it was such a small city, everyone knew everyone around town so it was quite a shock when everyone at Clearview High found out that there was a new kid that had transferred to their school. Being a city not used to change, the students didn’t want any part to do with the new kid except Dylan. In fact thats all Dylan could think about on his walk to school. He had always hoped for a day like this where he could meet someone new, as seeing the same faces all around town all the time got to be quite monotonous for him. When Dylan got to school, he grabbed his things from his locker and headed made his way to his first period which was chemistry. When he got to class there was already people talking about who this new kid was. No one had figured out if it was a boy or a girl, but that didn’t stop people from speculating and spreading rumors. There were people had come up with things such as a boy who was a drug dealer and wanted to expand his business, or it was a girl who partied too hard and was forced to move. All of these were completely far f... ... middle of paper ... ...done wasn’t handled very tactfully but he figured it was better to lay everything out in the open for everyone. The next few weeks had been very difficult for Dylan as his parents never really talked to him as they were still trying to believe that what Dylan said was actually true. They avoided telling anybody else in the town for fear of rejection in the community. It was a full month since the incident and things were starting to return to normal in Dylan’s household but his Dad still hadn’t spoken to him since that night, which worried Dylan greatly because he feared that he screwed everything up with his family, until today. Dylan’s Mom had called him into their room because it was finally time that his Dad was ready to face his son. When Dylan entered the room his Dad came up to him and gave him a hug and whispered into his ear. “I still love you.”
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