Two Themes In 'Fate Vs. Freewill'

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The first theme is Fate Vs. Freewill. The definition of fate is defined to be, “The development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power”(Google Search). Freewill can be defined as, “The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion”(Google Search). What does this theme really have to do with the story line? This novel starts off with the choice of freewill. “Here I am waiting to know about this offer of mine. The woman is no good to me. Who’ll have her”(10). Michael, the husband, chooses to sell his wife and daughter just like livestock. The choice he made will lead him to great regret, but it will also lead him to success, and to the right…show more content…
The main two characters, Michael Henchard and Elizabeth-Jane Newson are the two main ones that really go through more conflicts than the other characters. There are a couple of examples that are going to be given to point out this theme. As the story goes on they go and tell about Henchard and his facing with dissatisfaction. The book states, “I’ll do anything, if you will only look upon me as your father”(121). Henchard is trying to make Elizabeth-Jane understand that she is his daughter and he wants her to know that, or so he thinks. The second quotes states, “Henchard bent and kissed her cheek. The moment and the act he had contemplated for weeks with a thrill of pleasure; yet it was no less than a miserable insipidity to him now that it had come”(126). Henchard is now aware that Elizabeth-Jane is truly not his daughter. His Elizabeth-Jane died three months after they were sold to Mr. Newson. Henchard is going through a dissatisfaction of not having a daughter like he thought he…show more content…
The book states, “...and he was informed that Mrs. Henchard was dead- just dead- that very hour”(117). Not only does she lose her mother, finds out that Newson ‘isn’t’ her father, but she also has to watch her companion marry the man that she loves. These events has caused brokenness and shattering of dreams. Dissatisfaction is a theme that really portrays this whole book. The discussion of the two main characters and how their lives always seem to be negative and nothing that great really happens to them. The other two characters really foreshadow Elizabeth-Jane and Mr. Henchard. When they are all compared by events then that is when you can really tell that this theme is more compatible with Elizabeth and Mr. Henchard. The two themes discussed were Fate vs. Freewill and Dissatisfaction. Both of these themes went along great with the story. The first theme was a great relation to the beginning of the book. The second theme just fit in perfectly with all of the conflicts and trials throughout everything. Dissatisfaction would be the most significant one that was discussed. It was a great theme selection for this book because of all of the issues and broken dreams that took place with the
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