Twilight Bella Swan and Edward Cullen

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Is love at first sight possible? Is love and discontent possible at first sight? How can two people that have such discontent for each other fall in love? In the book and film Twilight Bella Swan and Edward Cullen both certainly did. They were drawn to each by curiosity and beauty. Curiosity drew them together, but they did not like each other very much in the beginning. They both ended up having a deep longing to be with one another and could not imagine being apart.

In the book and movie Twilight, Bella was a girl who moved from hot sunny Arizona to basically a dark and rainy place called Forks Washington. She moved there because her mother and her mother’s new husband went on the road for a while. She didn’t like forks, in fact she hated it. But she moved there none the less allowing her mother to have time alone with her new husband. She moved with her father to Forks whose name was Charlie. She hadn’t gone to Forks for a visit since she was 14.

The first time she saw Edward Cullen was in the cafeteria at school. He had reddish brown hair. He was beautiful and perfect. He had two “foster” sisters and two “foster” brothers as well who were perfect She couldn’t help to look at him more than once but did not want to appear that she was starring. He looked at her with somewhat of a smile on his face and then with a look of curiosity. The second time she saw Edward was quite different.

It was biology class when Bella saw Edward next. She was seated next to him by the teacher. Edward looked at her with hostility and anger. He continued to stare at her the entire length of the class. His eyes were black. He appeared as though something smelled bad so Bella discreetly sniffed herself thinking perhaps she smelled badly. Feeling uncomfortable, she hid behind her hair trying not to look at him for the remainder of the class. Before class was over she looked at him one last time. His eyes were full of revulsion as if he literally wanted to kill her.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how bella swan and edward cullen fell in love in the book and film twilight. they were drawn to each other by curiosity and beauty.
  • Narrates how bella moved from hot sunny arizona to dark and rainy forks washington because her mother and her new husband went on the road for a while.
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