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The Drive of Love
In Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, love, fancy, and wonder drives the characters world to change. If the presence of love, fancy, or wonder wasn 't there, no one would do anything. There would never be the resolution in Act 5, Scene 1. In comedy, the play starts in chaos and then progressively changes into a resolution, humorously coming to the end result. The moment of resolution is when the disguise of Viola/Cesario is lifted. When Viola’s true identity is shown, everything suddenly makes sense to the other characters. This introduces an understanding to all the misunderstood events leading up to this resolution, making this ironic story come to a close. In Twelfth Night, irony, the factors that drive Illyria,
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With this in mind, he still references to her as a boy within the verse. His hesitation to call Viola a female suggests there was an unspoken tension that would be awkward to break. Seemingly, different perspectives could suggest that Orsino had an attraction to the male gender. Although that was not allowed at the time Shakespeare was writing this, it seemed that Orsino refused to view Viola as a female. Although the love that he feels for her is now allowed to come out without it being forbidden by societal norms. According to Phyllis Rackin,“the term gender roles indicates there is an important tense in which gender is a kind of act for all women, not only for actresses and not only for boys pretending to be a women”(29). Furthermore, in line 280, Orsino ironically states that “thou never shouldst love woman like to me”. Orsino fancied Olivia with this high standard for so long, as if she was held high on a pedestal that he wanted to lower his standards a bit when loving Viola. While Orsino is speaking in verse, he starts talking about how what he sees now seems to be true by stating, “If this be so, as yet the glass seems true”, by basically saying his perspective is much clearer like wiping dirty glasses clean so that you can see clearly. Now in the days that Shakespeare was writing his plays, the actors who played out the…show more content…
One example of this is the idea of loving only people within your hierarchical level. They wanted to make sure that they were falling for someone who was in their social class because that is what the social norm was in this time. Orsino justifies that Viola is appearing to be on the same level of nobility as he is by stating in (5.1.276), “right noble is his blood”. Knowing this, it puts Orsino at ease because he would never want to break the social norms. An example of disturbance of social norms within Twelfth Night would be when Malvolio believes that Olivia has sent him this letter stating that she would like to be with him. In regards to Malvolio and Olivia, Olivia is in a higher social status than Malvolio as she is nobility and he is the equivalent to a butler. If they were to be together, it would be against the social norms of that

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