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If you could live forever, would you? Natalie Babbitt emphasizes this question throughout the book Tuck Everlasting. She explains it using Winnie Foster’s journey, Winnie Foster felt trapped and caged in her home, but she stumbled upon a family named the Tucks, they are not your typical family because they are immortal. Through her friendship with the Tucks, Winnie Foster evolves from a naive little girl to a mature young lady. In the start of the book, Winnie was a very naive girl. One reason that supports my claim is, Winnie feels trapped in her cottage. An example of this is “I’m tired of being looked all the time, I want to be by myself for a change.” Winnie wants to be herself because she feels that she is caged, and she does not think that she is in control of her own life. She wants to be by herself to make a difference in this world, she doesn't feel like she can do something important in that home. In addition, Winnie is very indecisive. An example of this is, “I’ll never do anything important if I stay here like this, I’d better run away … …show more content…

One reason that proves my point Winnie is more aware of the circumstances than at the start of the book. An example of this is “ If all they said was true, then Mae, even if she were one of the cruelest murders and deserved to be put to death - Mae Tuck would not be able to die.” Winnie understands that if Mae were to be hanged that there is no way that she will die. The people of Treegap will be flustered and they will soon find out about the spring. In addition, Winnie is selfless.An example of this is “I can help! When your mother climbs out of the window, I’ll climb in and take her place.” Winnie is risking her own life to help save Mae Tuck's secret. Winnie is being selfless because she loves the Tucks like family and this is her chance to finally make a difference in this world. Based on all of my reason as the story unfolds Winnie becomes a mature

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