Trip Gone Wrong: My Brother Went Missing

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“C’mon, Jake! We’re going to be late!” I yelled at my far behind brother. “As fast as I can, sis.” The thing is, we’re heading on our first trip to Paris! Jake is going to leave for a few months to go back to the army for his shift as a Special Forces candidate. “Flight 54 to Toulouse, France now boarding! Plane doors close in eight minutes!” The loud woman’s voice echoed through the gigantic, busy building. As soon as we made it to the luggage scanner, I grinned with joy. “I can see it now, Jake! Bright lights, amazing food, the big beautiful towers!” He had a concerned and worried look on his face, but just covered it with a grim, stone look plastered across his face. “Are you OK, J? I asked, grabbing his rough, patchy hands. “Huh? No, I’m fine Behlen.” Anguish spread my face as we made our way to the plane doors. Why does he have to lie to me?

As we boarded the large plane, Jake lifted the luggage in the little blue cubby and sat down next to me. I started to munch on some crackers when I fell asleep… I’ve anticipated this moment since I was just twelve years old. Well, I’m ...

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