Trifles and Cuban Swimmer

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Mrs. Wright and Margarita are timely examples of the age old saying, "You've pushed me too far." Both of them were pushed throughout life to live up to someone else's expectations and in their own way they break and handle it they only way they know how. The women are under constant pressure to be someone that another person expects them to be and both women begin giving in to the expectations they can no longer live up to. Mrs. Wright lashes out in revenge while Margarita gives in and almost falls to her death. The characters both symbolize exactly what overwhelming emotions can do to a person and how in fact they may handle it. Mrs. Wright is being accused of murdering her husband, and all the evidence points to her, but if you look in her past the motive is clear. Mrs. Wright was pushed to far and she decided to take matters into her own hands. In the early 1900's women were looked upon as inferior beings, and men were the dominating sex. This is very evident of the women in "Trifles", not just Mrs. Wright but the lawmen's wives. They seem to look over the women's intelligence and fail to notice the evidence the women have found. This plays a big role in Mrs. Wright life also, her husband doesn't care for her or what she likes or believes in. When the attorney and the sheriff enter they make reference to her bad housekeeping skills as if it was expected she keeps a good house. Women back then were supposed to keep house while the men did all the hard work in the fields and around the house. It becomes more and more obvious throughout the story that Mrs. Wright did not want this type of life, and that she wasn't very happy. She was very anti-social because she was so depressed; Mrs. Hale makes the remark, "I think maybe that'... ... middle of paper ... ...e him instead. He begins to understand how he really feels, he even remarks, "They are my dreams, my illusions..." He realizes he has basically taken Margarita's life. Then out of no where in the midst of it all Margarita pulls through and he fathers pushiness is what got her there, she won the race! Margarita and Mrs. Wright have many distinct traits that most people like them do. They are quiet, unpredictable and they both did what they needed to do to get their point across. Many women are pushed by their husbands and fathers everyday, and many react in different ways. The ways Margarita and Mrs. Wright acted are two different ways, but they are the ones most used with women in these situations. Margarita and Mrs. Wright both acted in their own ways but the point was given and the lesson was learns, they will no longer be pushed or overwhelmed by emotions.

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