Tragedy of Deforestation

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Deforestation has different levels of which I am going to try to outline in a simple manner. The deforestation begins on a local level, then to a regional, level and then last the global level.

As you will read, the forest is home to people and wildlife, etc. The forest also has many purposes for which we need but “we” as a whole is a big picture. We can use it but we also abuse it. Every living creature needs the forest for oxygen, that is what the trees are for, but if we keep cutting them for logging, cattle-raising for soy, and many other reasons we do what we do, then how will we breathe?

First, deforestation is on a local level and the impact of this loss is the people’s possibilities of survival as an independent culture. The forest is their home and provides those medicines, food, building materials, firewood, water, and all the spiritual elements that assist them. The decline of the forest means a loss of their elements which in turn comes malnutrition, increase in illnesses, dependency, adapting to another cult or custom, and in many cases live else where or the community eventually disappears.

Secondly, deforestation impacts on a regional level. Forests guarantee the preserving of water, soils, plants, and wildlife. Their destruction causes, much serious impacts, extensive flooding, increased droughts, soil erosion, consequent pollution of water courses and the appearance of pests because of the breakup of the ecological balance. These impacts affect the lives and health of people at the regional level, it also impacts their productive drives, agriculture, cattle-raising, and fishing.

Deforestation also impacts seriously at the global level. Forests have an important function in climate and their disa...

... middle of paper ... our needs.

In order to lessen future loss of the rainforests, we must increase and sustain the productivity of farms, pastures, plantations, and scrub land in addition to restoring species and ecosystems to degraded habitats. If we reduce wasteful land use practices, consolidate gains on existing cleared lands, and improve already developed lands, we can diminish the need to clear additional forests.


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