Tragedy Of Mr. O’Neal and Mrs. O’Neal.

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One late night, when I, Tray O’Neal, was over at a friend’s house, my parents were driving from Denver, on a Saturday night. They were pretty tired just like most people when you’re tired you have slower reaction time. Well, my parents were driving down the highway and BAM! A car went right out in front of them. I assume that they saw it way too late. They turned right towards the ditch. I was told they died on impact. I found out later that it was a drunk driver that had turned into them. The driver didn’t die his car barely got scraped. This man is lucky that my parents swerved, or this man would have been hurt and my parents would still be alive. My parents were good people they didn’t want to hurt anyone. They shouldn’t have died! The man that drove when he was drunk should have been killed off not people that have children that need them. When I found out about my parent’s accident my face feel blank. I couldn’t believe what the copes had been saying to me. I just looked at my sister and held her so tight as she cried and cried in my arms. Even though I felt the traumatizing pain of the news, I still had to stand strong for my sister Bella. After thinking about it for a couple of weeks, I began to have hatred thinking how I wished I could have killed the drunk driver instead of him going to prison. He deserved to die, not both of my parents. I never showed any anger when Bella was around. Bella and I had to go to some ladies house. They said she was our grandmother but in reality she was more like a stranger. We had never heard of another family but our parents. Bella then began to be mute from the new of our parent death, she would only talk to me. So when our so-called grandmother tried to talk to her not to take it per... ... middle of paper ... ... big house like this, but I sure did get use to it. The house that we were going to was a nice baby blue color. Jenifer was standing outside with the biggest smile I had ever seen. Jenifer has rich chocolate hair that looked perfect. Just like her house that is perfect. I just couldn’t believe that my sister and I will be able to recover from our hard time. Bella and I had a hard time fitting in school at first, but then a year went by and Bella and I had lots of friends. Bella and I have never been closer than after that year. We had a loving family and couldn’t have asked for a better person to help my sister and I get through the hard time of the accident. We have a lot of family members now that love and care for us. We call Jenifer our mom, most kids only get one mom, but Bella and I are special we got two of the greatest things on earth is two mom’s
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