Tourism in Dubai

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Tourism in Dubai


The broad context of this project is based on the ' managing tourism'

part of my geography course. The aim of this project is to study the

reasons of the rapid growth of tourism in Dubai and the different ways

of identifying and classifying the different types of tourists that

visit Dubai.


To create three different hypotheses related to tourism and tourists

in Dubai that can be tested using a range of primary and secondary

data collection techniques.

Hypothesis 1:

Most tourists come from Europe.

Hypothesis 2:

Most tourists come to Dubai for the weather and the beach.

Hypothesis 3:

Figure 1

The further the distance tourists come from, the longer they stay in


Justification of Hypothesis1: Most tourists come from Europe

In Dubai, most things are cheap as there are no taxes. However, all

countries in Europe have high taxes are very high so the low prices of

goods in the UAE attract a lot of European tourists. Figure 2 clearly

shows the difference of taxes in Europe and the U.A.E.

Average total % taxes in Europe

Total % taxes in the U.A.E



Figure 2

Tourists from Europe come to the Dubai when it is winter in their

country; they come to appreciate the warm weather on the beach. Since

the Euro currency started more Europeans come to Dubai as it is more

beneficial for them.

From figure 3 we can see that 38% of the tourists were European and

that is the largest category. However, this was in 2002 and I will see

if my hypothesis is correct for 2005.

Breakdown of foreign visitors to Dubai by nationality in 2002


Figure 3

Justification of hypothesis 2: Most tourists come to Dubai for the

Beach and the weather

When it is winter in other countries, the tourists come to Dubai to

appreciate the good weather.
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