Torture at Abu Ghraib

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In 2004, accusations of abuse, torture, rape, and even homicide being done to prisoners held in the Abu Ghraib Camp in Iraq were brought to attention. The media got involved, and soon photos of U.S. soldiers in Abu Ghraib were leaking out and released to news stations and the internet, proving the accusations to be true. The soldiers seen abusing the prisoners in the photos were charged with maltreatment, aggravated assault, battery, and those proven to have done the most torture were sentenced to prison. This situation is one of the many scandals that have occurred in prisoners of war (POW) camps, showing disrespect and disobedience. In the recent years, prisoners of war camps and torture techniques have become less humane and more brutal, making it clear the Geneva Conventions need to be more clear and executed by camps.

The Geneva Conventions were created by a Swiss native, Henry Dunant, who was shocked by the number of wounded soldiers left alone and helpless after the Battle of Solferina in 1859. Seeing this inspired him to set up organizations of trained people to care for soldiers and people injured during peacetime in times of war. A few years later in 1863, Dunant organized an international conference to make his dream of each country having a relief organization for injured servicemen during war turn into reality. In 1864, a diplomatic conference was held for governments to have representatives appear at was held. Twelve European nations ended up having their representative sign a treaty, The Geneva Convention, requiring their nation to care for all sick and injured servicemen in their country during war no matter their nationality. Over time, three more conventions were held regarding armed forces on land and sea, pr...

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