Tornado And Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters quite are quite common across the globe. There are of different kinds usually Earthquakes , Volcanic Eruptions and Snow storms. Based on the climatic conditions in my area Snow storms are prone to be occurred frequently. The main Natural disaster in the entire Central America is a snow storm. Even there is a chance of occurrence of earthquakes. But by observing the climate from past decades there is a very less chance of occurrence of earthquakes. Even though such earthquakes occur the intensity that is recorded is very low. Luckily there are no volcanoes in the area. So there is no word for the volcanic eruptions to occur. But there is another disaster which is having a chance to occur is a Tornado. Some precautions must be strictly employed in order to get sustained from these types of situations. All the people living in the particular community must be given proper instructions on the type of disasters that are occurred and the care that should be taken while the occurrence of such highly dangerous incidents in the real worls.
Missouri public safety department provides the entire information regarding the weather and storms. The University of Missouri has a department that studies climatic conditions prevailed in that area and updates its information periodically. Safety teams keep an eye on the weather conditions and provide necessary requirements for the survival of public. Some voluntary organizations also does some campaigns based on the level of disaster. A department in the university takes care of tornadoes and their intensity. Usually these tornadoes create a great damage to the mankind as their intensity is very high. The wind which moves with a great velocity clears of the houses and cars. Usuall...

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...situations occur. Awareness about all these disasters almost reduces the damage of the disaster. The people and students living the area must be divided into various teams and each team must be given a guide for their survival. The vehicles must be parked in safe manner usually in the parking lots and all. The disasters will create an immense effect to the mankind so proper measures are taken while the occurrence of such natural calamities and other Natural Disasters.
The government must keep an eye on all the disasters that occurs in the particular area and the officials in that area should be given all the powers for the efficient delivery of their duties. The interaction mechanism between the people and officials should be transparent. Every individual in the area should have a complete idea on the things that are to be followed in case of emergency situation.

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