To Kill A Mockingbird Should Not Be Banned In Schools Essay

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I personally believe that the story, To Kill a Mockingbird should not be banned in schools, and the story should be allowed in students’ curriculum. The first reason to why I believe this to be true would be the fact that it allows students the opportunity to learn about human mistakes and how to be better people in the future. A second reason would be that students are able to learn important parts of our history within the book. It also teaches students important morals that may be hard to teach without the context of a book such as this one. In the story, To Kill A Mockingbird it uses some inapropriate context such as racial slurs etc. If students were shunned from this book because of things such as this how will they understand the importance of to not use words such as …show more content…

Think of it like this, a book is like a piece of art, without certain details how will the art be portrayed? If the author did not include things such as racial slurs how will you be able to understand important parts of the book such as when the character Dill was crying during the court case on page 226. A specific piece of evidence showing this detail would be when Dill said: “I know all that Scout. It was the way he said it made me sick, plain sick.” From using details explained above you are able to fully understand why this character would have felt that certain way. Also included in the article To Kill A Mockingbird removed from Virginia schools for racist language It states in the text that, “ The NCAC slammed the action in a post on its Kids Right To Read website, writing: “By avoiding discussion of controversial issues such as racism, schools do a great disservice to their students.” This is able to prove my point that it would be depriving the students of learning about our history of racism not to allow them to read this

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  • Opines that to kill a mockingbird should not be banned in schools, and the story should be allowed in students’ curriculum.
  • Opines that if students were shunned from to kill a mockingbird because of racial slurs, how would they understand the importance of not using them?
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