To Give is to Recieve in Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry

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Think about the last time that you opened a present that had been given to you by someone you love. Did you take a moment to think about what they might have gone through just to give you that one perfect gift? The giver may have sacrificed something very dear to their heart to give you that small token. In Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry, a young couple who is in desperate financial struggle sells their most prized possessions to purchase gifts for each other. O. Henry teaches the valuable lesson that sometimes in order to give a well thought out gift we may be required to sacrifice our time, possessions, or self aspirations.
First and foremost, to be devoted to the giving, one must willingly sacrifice their time. This can be seen in our story when Della took a considerable amount of time to search high and low for the ideal present for Jim. “Oh, and the next two hours tripped by on rosy wings. Forget the hashed metaphor. She was ransacking the stores for Jim’s present.” (Henry pg. 526) Della hadn’t paid attention to the face of a clock as she hunted for the gift. Instead, she was willing to take however long was needed, giving up precious time that cannot be taken back. Even so, in the world today many people voluntarily give up their time to go on rescue missions in the rubble of a natural disaster, to work at a hospital gift shop, to feed homeless people at a shelter, and even to read to children at schools. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, 64.5 million Americans volunteered nearly 7.9 billion hours in the year 2013. The estimated value of this volunteer service is nearly $175 billion, based on the Independent Sector's estimate of the average value of a volunteer hour. People volunteer knowing tha...

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...howed me as he nurtured me. It is much to sacrifice your time and possessions for the sake of giving. In short, when you sacrifice your goals you are not only giving a gift, but giving up your future. You are giving up your future for the ones you love. That ladies and gentlemen is the deepest way to show your love.
In brief, the lesson by O. Henry teaches us that sacrifice is sometimes needed in pursuance of the perfect gift. We, as the givers, may be called upon to give up our possessions, time, and self aspirations in these moments. “How can we expect our children to know and experience the joy of giving unless we teach them that the greater pleasure in life lies in the art of giving rather than receiving.” says James Cash Penney. Next time you rip off that delicate wrapping paper, think about the giver and what you can sacrifice to give a thank you gift to them.
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