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Timothy O’Sullivan is an american photographer who took most of his photos around the time of the civil war. It is unsure where Timothy was born but he is said to be born in New York or in Ireland. He was born in the year 1840 with the exact date being unknown. The date of his death was January 14, 1882 in Staten Island New York of tuberculosis (“Timothy”). There are no records on if O’Sullivan was married or had children. Very little is known about his childhood and about the early stages in his life(“The Life”). He truly was a man living under the radar. Starting off his career in photography Timothy O’Sullivan was an apprentice to Mathew B. Brady who was a very famous photographer in New York. O’Sullivan was also employed by another famous photographer Alexander Gardner during his early days in photography. While he was employed by Mathew B. Brady and Alexander gardener he began his photography of the American Civil War which is perhaps why he became as famous as he did …show more content…

His photographic style was very interesting and all of his photos showed a different but very interesting viewpoint on thing others take for granted. O’Sullivan’s most famous for taking photos of the west during his expeditions and civil war photography during the time period when he was an apprentice to Mathew B. Brady and Alexander Gardner. His photos in the west are said to be some of the first images on the Western part of the United States. Timothy O’Sullivan was never really famous during his life to the general public because he was around long before it was “cool” to be a photographer but Ansel Adams somehow got a hold of one of Timothy O'Sullivan's albums which led to people realizing how good his photos truly were. Nowadays this album is in the archive of Tucson’s Center for Creative

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