Tiger Rising Symbolism

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Only a person who lost loved one can understand the drastic change it makes on your life. In the book Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo, a young boy and his father must learn to cope with their mother/wife dies. It is the story of how things change and how they slowly move on after this loss. During the whole story, the author uses symbols to show important messages of the story. The main event in the book centers around a tiger found in a cage in the woods. This also becomes a symbol representing the two main characters. Rob and Sistine are the two main characters. Rob and Sistine both feel trapped, Rob has trapped his feelings, in his life, and the loss of his Mom. Sistine feels trapped by her parents and how they are going through some problems, with some secret affairs. As in the story, they find a tiger in a cage and they have to let it go, just like how they have to let the feelings out. …show more content…

Rob’s suitcase was formed by the loss of his Mom, is when he starts to stuff his bad feelings down into his virtual suitcase. Giving Rob a rash that gets him out of school. After Rob connects with Sistine at school, he starts to open his suitcase because of the feeling he has for Sistine. After Sistine found out how Rob's Mom died, Rob's suitcase opening it just a bit. In the end, Rob connects with his Dad and lets the suitcase open. As Rob’s Dad gets to hear everything that Rob was trying to hold in, from the loss of his Mom. His Dad understands and has the same problem holding back his emotions of the loss of his wife, and how it impacts Robs

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