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I’m going to investigate a poster of new film, which has recently been shown in cinemas: Thor: The Dark World. I will analyse body language, facial expression, costumes, props, etc. to demonstrate how convention on the poster represent to audience genres. Genre is a type of text with particular characteristics which are recognizable for most people. Thor: The Dark World is a hybrid, in other word, it has three main genres: action, adventure and fantasy and some elements of sci-fi and romance. In addition to the main poster, there are many other posters, games, comic books and other supplementary texts for this film, which can give the audience an idea what this film is about, what is the genres of this film. For example, I have chosen another poster and magazine cover for the movie. The poster represent us a lot of different elements of mise-en-scene which connote different genres. It is a hybrid and the main genres are action, adventure and fantasy. The fantasy can be indicated from the overall picture of the poster: all of character, which we can see more or less clear looks like...

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