Third Geneva Convention

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THIRD GENEVA CONVENTION Third Geneva Convention was signed on July 27, 1929 at Geneva, Switzerland. It was made to protect the human rights of Prisoners of War (POW). These laws apply from the moment a combatant is imprisoned until the POW is released. The main point of this Convention was to protect the Prisoners of Wars from physical and mental torture. Because of this law, torturing to prisoners was illegal and wrong on an international level. It states that prisoners should not be forced to reveal any other information related to their identity (i.e. military unit, home town, address, relatives). Third Geneva Convention was signed by 47 countries among all over the world. Countries like Brazil, America, Bulgaria, Belgium, Bolivia, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Chile, Austria, China, Denmark, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Britain, Greece, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, India, Latvia, Mexico, Luxembourg, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Persia, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Portugal, Croatia and Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Siam, Switzerland, Turkey, Venezuel...
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