There's No Justice In The War On Drugs By Milton Friedman

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In order to achieve a good essay, one must defend his argument and use data and research to back their argument. In “There’s No Justice in the War on Drugs”, Milton Friedman talks about the injustice of drugs and the harsh reality of being addicted to drugs, and the causes or side effects that come along with them. The author clearly argues about the “war on drugs” and uses analysis and facts to prove his argument. The author agrees that the use of government to keep kids away from drugs should be enforced, but the use of government to keep adults away from drugs, should not be enforced. The author has a clear side of his argument and the audience can clearly see that. He argues against the “war on drugs” claim that President Richard
Friedman does however include a fallacy, “Though most customers do not live in the inner cities, most sellers do” (569). After adding this sentence in his paragraph, he does not further explain this or adds how he knows this
He includes ethos, pathos and logos to defend his argument. He adds pathos to amplify emotion, logos to include facts and ethos to gain the audience’s trust. He uses his own opinion to choose his argument, but he defends this by using the toulmin style argument. He does have a rebuttal in his argument which is when he says that the government interfering in one’s choice to take drugs is only okay when it’s in the matter of a child taking drugs or adding education on children to not take drugs. But then argues that it is not okay for the government to interfere with an adult’s choice in taking drugs or alcohol. Friedman makes his position in the argument very clear and the audience can see his position throughout the whole argument. The author did a good job of picking a side in the argument and being able to defend it with

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