Themes Of The Pearl

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An uncomplicated life based on one’s needs rather than their wants is not to be taken for granted. The author of The Pearl, John Steinbeck centers his novel on this theme. The novel focuses on Kino, an unwealthy diver, who’s baby gets stung by a scorpion, so he must find a way to pay for a doctor. One day Kino finds the pearl of the world, his first intention is to use the pearl to pay for medical expenses however, the pearl ends up creating many problems for Kino. Although readers believe that Juana choose correctly to give the pearl back to Kino, she should have disposed of the pearl when she had the opportunity to but it is understandable as to why some may believe …show more content…

As the author writes,” It is lucky that I know about the poison of the scorpion, otherwise..he shrugged to show what could have happened. But Kino was suspicious, and he could not take his eyes from the doctor’s open bag, and the bottle of the white powder there” (34-35). Kino is being tricked by the doctor who is taking advantage of Kino’s ignorance to make Coyotio sick again. The importance of this that the doctor came to Kino’s home, poisoned Kino’s son, and misused Kino’s family’s faith only for the chance to see the pearl so he could plan how to steal it. As the author elaborates,” Now there was only one pearl buyer with many hands, and the mean who sat in their offices and waited for Kino knew what price the would offer, how high the would bid, and what method each one would use “(42). Kino is once again put in a position where he is going to be taken advantage of because of the pearl. The pearl buyers will undoubtedly try to buy the pearl from Kino for an unfair price. To elaborate further Kino has been tricked multiple times because of what all the pearl promises in return many of the people feel the need to cheat Kino. If Juana disposed of the pearl they would no longer have to deal with the people being dishonest towards them because of the

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