Themes In Antigone By Sophocles

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“You will remember what things I suffer, and at what man’s hands, because I would not transgress the laws of heaven” (228). The play Antigone by Sophocles displays many themes and tragedies. Antigone starts with a girl just trying to do what god says is right by bringing burial to her brother, but takes a turn for the worse with everyone ending their lives. Creon, the king, sets laws that don't correspond with god and as the literature develops the readers can tell he is making a mistake. The themes that are most significant are family love, loyalty and standing up for what you believe. Family should come first and always stay loyal to them. Starting off with scene I, Creon finds out that someone has buried Polyneices when his law strictly forbids it. “Someone has given it burial that way, and gone…” (199). The readers know Antigone decided to yield to the law of the land and do what is right by her. Antigone tells Ismene, “I will bury him; and if I must die, I say the crime is holy” (192). She will do whatever it takes for her brother to rest in peace, even if that means death because Polyneices deserves as much honor as Eteocles, no matter the law. At…show more content…
Creon’s bad decisions made him pay for his actions, as the prophet says, “The time is not far off when you shall pay back corpse for corpse, flesh of your own flesh” (234). Little does Creon know, he will pay flesh for flesh because Creon didn’t have family loyalty. He knew Antigone was haimon’s love, and he was ready to kill her, which lead to Haimon and the queen killing themselves. “And for Haimon dead, her sons; and her last breath was a curse for their father, murderer of her sons” (243). This goes back to Antigone’s statement about her family curse, and now Creon is the curse for his family. If you don’t stay loyal to the most important people and do what’s right, then you will end up lonely and live in regret of what you have
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