Theme Of The Cask Of Amontillado

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“When one door closes, another opens” by Alexander Graham is a common phrase and Mrs.Mallard experiences the phrase as the news of the death of her husband forced her upon this path. Mrs.Mallard knows that the death of her husband is saddening but looks forward to the life she will live for herself where she will need to only look out for herself and no one else. Mrs. Mallard opens the windows as a sign of the new door and the freedom she will experience living for herself. Mrs.Mallard for the first time experiences freedom and see the world in a new perspective that she did not see before her husband 's supposed death. Mrs.Mallard see the world with more life and takes in the atmosphere of life around her and as the narrator describes Mrs…show more content…
Montressor uses the false cask of amontillado to lure Fortunato who sees himself as a wine enthusiast. Physical and emotional points of conflict are easily seen when Fortunato is slain by Montressor and Fortunato uses the last of his emotion to beg himself free Morality is also major point of conflict for Montressor who often suppresses his morality because Montressor has grown up to slay those who wrong him but feels pity for Fortunato and says “In pace requiescat”(Poe 1). The latin face standing rest in peace is often something one would not say after killing those who wrong them but Montressor…show more content…
Montressor 's family used murder to extract their revenge as their motto states “Nemo me impune lacessit”(Poe 1). Revenge is finally achieved when Fortunato is murdered and Montressor lays the final brick in the wall when it comes to the life of Fortunato. The symbols in “Cask of Amontillado” begins with the title as the cask of amontillado is Fortunato as this caused his death. Fortunato 's outfit is that of a fool and being lured and unaware of his surroundings can be seen as Fortunato being a
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