Theme Of Racism In Merchant Of Venice

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Racism is used in society by many people throughout the renaissance era. Since Shakespeare uses many scenes in the Merchant of Venice to display discrimination, it is plausible to claim that he himself is supremacist too. The prejudice set upon Jews and colored people during this time paints an accurate and precise picture to enhance the cruelty and ruthlessness of racism. The Merchant of Venice endorses racism because of its double standards and discriminatory attitude throughout the play which is illustrated in the prejudice towards religious beliefs, the conflicts, and the malicious actions taken by society and their people. For example, the lovely Portia who exhibits features that are typical of a heroine in Shakespeare’s plays is no stranger to discrimination. By emphasizing her lack of choice in the matter of her marriage, the dialogue left no more place for Portia to deny her discomfort with the color of Morocco's skin. Also her choice of the word fair, indicating to light-skinned, is intentionally cruel because she knows of Morocco’s concerned about his appearances. Further...
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