Theme Of Personal Choice In Frankenstein

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In the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley is sending a clear message that personal choice is extremely important in shaping the lives of her characters. Any bad choice made by Shelley’s characters result in terrible consequences that haunt them for the rest of their lives. Before any choice is made one should think one the consequences that can result from that decision. Personal choice can help one succeed, but it can also cause them to suffer. Victor made the terrible choice of abandoning his creation after it’s birth which results in the deaths of all of his loved ones and eventually himself. Another exemplary example is the trial and execution of Justine Moritz, servant and friend to Elizabeth, who died because of Victor’s mistakes. Throughout…show more content…
Victor’s decisions were the reason behind every death in the novel and is the cause of all of Victor Frankenstein’s misery. The novel proves this through the trial of Justine Moritz. Frankenstein’s poor decision leads the death of not only Justine, an innocent bystander, but of William. It leads to the merciless end of two benevolent spirits, taken at too young an age. Personal choice showed no mercy to Victor for his fiendish actions, and punished him for severely for them. The punishment he received was entirely deserved due to the way he treated his creation. Victor was relentless in the way that he treated his creation and because of this suffered deeply. Victor learned how deadly personal choice was the hard way as he watched helplessly as everyone that he loved died before his very eyes. His choices caused him to go mad with grief, and to be filled with the need for revenge when in fact he should have realized that he only had himself to blame. One must be careful when they are making any choice in their lives because, as Shelley has shown us, any wrong choice can prove fatal. Personal choice holds no regard for human life and will cause the deaths of many, if the wrong path is…show more content…
The choices one makes can shape their life as well as the lives of those their loved ones. One must think before they make any decision, especially one that could have an effect on human life. One must realize how important personal choice is and the lives of the characters in Frankenstein make this obvious. Justine Moritz and William Frankenstein suffered due the choices of Victor and the Frankenstein family suffered due to these losses. All of the problems that faced Victor and the misery it caused his family was all due to his choice to abandon his creation when it needed him most. His personal failures as a human being causes the deaths of his friends and family who were completely innocent. Frankenstein’s failure to make any competent decisions lead to his life of misery and constant failure. Not even Walton is innocent of this. Walton’ naiveté and grief caused him to turn his back on the creation, who wants nothing more than to have a companion, just like Walton. Walton’s decision to listen to Victor is the reason he will never find a companion. He would live the rest of his live grieving the death of the man who used Walton in order to enact his final revenge on the his creation. Victor and Walton’s decisions cause them nothing but agony and was the reason behind their failures. Both Victor and Walton never achieved their dreams and achieved
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