Theme Of Class Conflict In Brave New World

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The struggle is real In his text Brave New World Aldous Huxley imagines a society genetically engineered and socially conditioned to be a fully functioning society where everyone appears to be truly happy. This society is created by each person being assigned a social status from both, much like the caste system in modern society or the social strata applied to everyday society. Huxley shows the issues of class struggle from the Marxist perspective when he writes, “Bokanovky’s process is one of the major instruments of social stability”(Director 7). The director demonstrates that the Bokanovky’s process is a way to control and manage the population much easier. The process consist of creating clones for them to control. …show more content…

This passage means that everyone are created, trained the same and none of them have their own life or own thoughts or emotions which is unfortunates. The utopia is trying to unify everyone. They scolds people that are unique individuals and when they come across a different individual, the individual is sent to a psychologist and is mentally fixed. Also, the state wants people to just have fun and play games with people rather than people being mothers and fathers of kids and feel the pain. Marriage is frowned upon while people are encourage to have erotic fun. The controller of a perfect society wants people to intercourse for their happiness and not for them to build family. They are satisfied to the happiness they get from the things they use. This could state that the citizens of this world in Brave New World are genuinely happy, this is more a result of ignorance and blindness rather than a truly fulfilling sense of bliss. However, one person in Brave New World tried to consent his individuality in the society and he end up to be a dangerous citizen. The person that object his individuality was Bermard Marx who’s an Alpha plus and does not believe in the promiscuous nature of his society. He feels isolated from the rest of society because he attempts to do dissimilar things from

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