Theme Of Blindness In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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Blindness is most often perceived as just a physical disability especially when preconceived notions are embedded in one’s mind by society. Moreover an individual can be so ‘blind’ by worldviews and perceptions that the true humanity of someone that is actually blind can be overlooked. In Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” (1938- 1988), Carver depicts a man versus man conflict in which the narrator was totally consumed with jealously because his wife had a ‘odd’ relationship with a ‘ blind’ man she befriended while working for him one summer.
The narrator starts out by reflecting on his wife past and her lengthy relationship with the ‘blind man’. The author uses the motif of blindness to engage the readers and demonstrate that ‘blindness’ is much more that a physical disability as it can also be a state of mind. This is seen as the story progressed and the narrator experienced a different perspective on ‘blindness’ than what he thought. The narrator was definitely not a fan of this ‘blind man’ named Robert. However, Robert was nothing like what the he had imagined; he was a widower, a smoker and he drank occasionally, not to mention well dressed “spiffy” (Carver in Gardner, Lawn, Ridl and Schakel, 2013, p. 303). At one point the narrator mentioned that “his idea
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He showed no interest at first in meeting ‘the blind man’ that was the ‘shadow’ in his marriage, as he was consumed with jealously because his wife seemingly had more interest in Robert than in him. There was an instance where he was being insensitive and his wife told him “if you love me, you can do this for me and if you don’t love me, okay” (Gardner et al, 2013, p. 301). This outburst from his wife showed him that she was serious about entertaining Robert and she care deeply for him. Despite everything signs that his wife indicated, the narrator was still somehow ‘blind’ to her
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