The Wrath of Mother Nature: Disaster Management of Hurricane Katrina

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Mother Nature is a force that can bring both great and terrible things upon humanity. Humans live out their lives in tranquility; living in environments that have stable climates suitable to raise a family or pursue careers. The Earth is truly a great place to live however, occasionally Mother Nature will show her ugly side. This ugly side just happens to be the natural disasters that affect the many people that populate planet Earth. Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters ever recorded. With fierce winds and high water levels Katrina hit the city of New Orleans with great force on Monday Aug 29th 2005 (Oshinsky). The water rose so high that it left about 80 percent of New Orleans underwater (Oshinsky). The truly sad part of this whole situation is how ill prepared New Orleans was for this disaster. Many people thought that Hurricane Katrina would skim by the coast of New Orleans like many hurricanes in the past. This hurricane was different it hit in the heart of the city and devastated the citizens who lived there. New Orleans became uninhabitable and all the people that lived there were driven away from there homes. These people kept their hopes of returning home close to their hearts. The problem was that New Orleans was in a terrible state and the U.S. government was not immediately acting to rescue people and reconstruct the city. Repopulating New Orleans was a distant goal for the citizens simply because the lack of responsiveness of different government agencies acting in order to rescue and relieve the people after Hurricane Katrina hit. The main government agency that was put at fault for this lack of responsiveness was the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA for short. FEMA is an agen... ... middle of paper ... ...w her wrath and it is up to our leaders to act accordingly and respond efficiently to the disasters in order to save many lives. Works Cited After the Storm: Surviving Hurricane Katrina. Screenplay by Paul S. Forrest. Dir. Tedd Clayton. Perf. Clifton Davis. TBN Films, 2006. Film. Oshinsky, David. “Hell and High Water.” 9 July, 2006. 9 July, 2006 National Geographic: Inside Hurricane Katrina. Screenplay by Michael Eldridge. Perf. Douglas Kiesling. Tower Productions, 2005. Film. Weisman, Jonathan. “Katrina’s Damage Lingers for Bush.” The Washington Post. Web. 1 May 2010. 01481.html

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