The Women Of A Large Blue Truck

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In front of my and to my left, I saw a female in her late 30’s, jumping out of the passenger side of a large blue truck. She then pulled her seat back and three kids ' jumped out. The first to come out were two boys they squeezed through together. Then came a little girl around the age of three or four. The girl was small and her boots were on the wrong feet, her hair was a brownish red and done in a very neat braid. Her mittens not on her hand, but attached to her coat. She squatted down and then pushed off and landed into the woman’s arms. The women gave the impression to be lenient and allowable. The mom or women put the girl down and placed her left front. The two boys were on each side of the women or mother. The coats were unzipped and the kids were trying to take them off. The lady in a pink hooded and jeans, she was looking a little drained. She did not have any makeup on and her hair was long and black jammed in a ponytail. She was about 5 4 and very thin, she was pretty. She reprimanded the boys and said, “Calm down and leave your coat on!” She zipped up the girls’ coat. The boys were still loud and jittery and pushing each other for fun. A father figure who must have been driving; came around the front of the truck. He looked muddy and had a firm look on his face, he had dark brown hair, a beard that was neat but covered with a gray dust. He wore a baseball cap and a baggy old green sweatshirt, his jeans were way too large, and his boots seem to have dry cement or clay on them. The man took his hands out and grabbed both of the boys by their upper arms. The father figure gave a yank and pulled them back towards him. The boys stopped jumping around and stood still next to the man. the girl was standing alone, in front... ... middle of paper ... ...fore the children remained open to recommendations. The family interacted well as a group. This family made many people giggle in the restaurant. 4. The hair salon A family of three, mom, dad and a girl around six years of age. Mom and the daughter were getting their hair blow dried, and the dad sitting in the waiting room looking mad, at his phone. The girl started spinning over to her dad. Her hair long and nearly snowy white. She said “dad look look look ….” The dad looked up briefly “Hmmm nice.” He explained then continued to his phone. The mom was finished the hair dried and curled, she paid. and ignored the dad. The mom is in charge all the time, the girl wanted attention from her dad, and the dad just did not want to be there. The adults did not interact at all, and the girl listened to the mom. This family will not be three for long in my opinion.

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