The Wealthy Rules the World

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The Wealthy Rules the World

“Greed is good in all areas…greed is legal.” Gekko drives his point home in an eloquent speech delivered to Teldar Paper Shareholders. “…greed…, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the U.S.A.” (Stone, 1987) Gekko recognizes the influence of greed in the world, and the manipulative power it brings. As a matter of fact, the wealthy continue to manipulate society and control the poor, yet they have few consequences for their actions because it is their greed and wealth that keep the economy going. The wealthy who rule the world

The wealthy rule the world through manipulations. One way the wealthy manipulate society is through Wall Street, or the stock market. Brokers persuade clients to invest in stocks for prices that are way above their comfort zone. They then turn around and collect fees from those lofty sales. It is a deceitful game that only the fit and callous wins. This happens in “Broiler Room” when Seth cleans a doctor out of his life savings, and destroys his marriage by selling him a stock that didn’t exist. He continued to mislead his clients for his own greedy gain. We see in the movie “Boiler Room”, a mismanagement of fees and broker abuse that is parallel to our lives today (Younger, Todd, & Todd, 2001). A as matter of fact, according to John Bellamy’s article, a poll revealed that 71 percent of the public believes that limits should be imposed on the compensation of Wall Street executives (Foster & Holleman, 2010).

The wealthy also influence the actions of investors, and when some of them invest they allow their greed to dictate how things are run within our financial society. The wealthy negotiate for insider trading tips while bribing tho...

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