The Vietnam War Poem Analysis

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United by tragedy “War… yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” These lyrics from the song War, by Bruce Springsteen, brought together many americans during the Vietnam war. The song talks about the harsh reality of war and the fact that it is not useful when trying to solve problems. Now as Springsteen states, there is nothing good that comes from war. But in the short story, also called War, Luigi Pirandello contradicts this infamous song. The story depicted by Pirandello, shows multiple families affected by a war-struck country. Now despite the violence, a lot of good can come from war, and Pirandello shows the reader that subliminally. As previously discussed, war bring out so many emotions within everyone. Love, hate, anger, sympathy …show more content…

As the parents get to talking, they all begin to share that their child felt a certain duty to go off to the war. Some call it patriotism or bravery, whatever it may be, it brings people together in a time of war. One of the mothers says “and the country, of course, whose call we would have answered- when we were twenty- even if father and mother had said no.” So again, the author brings these people together by their similarity in feelings. The men who went off to war are all apart of something bigger than themselves. They share a love for the country that drives them to go and serve, “the love of our country is still great.” All of these brave men and boys are brought together by the war, whether it be for the love of the country, or the braveness to go and protect and defend their country. When looking back on all of the effects war has on humans, it is shown that many different emotions come from it. But these emotions towards the war have a positive effect that is hidden underneath the negativity of the war. All of people involved, families and friends, mothers and fathers, grandparents all are brought together by the war, even when it can tear the nations

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