The Value Of A Good For A Sales Job

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Sales people play many roles in their day to day lives. The three main ones listed in our textbook are: creating value for the customer, managing many different relationships, and finally they are the go between of their companies for giving customer and market data. The key to being good in a sales job, is convincing the customer you are providing them with something that is going to make their lives ten times better. This is where creating value comes in. You need to connect with the person, find out what matters most in their personal lives, and then tie in how your product would integrate well. My husband used to sell durable medical equipment (walkers, canes, wheelchairs, etc.). He knew he had to listen to the customer’s specific needs and modify many items, to keep the customer coming back to him for future orders. It is the one on one interaction that many people enjoy that makes them want to buy from you personally. Managing relationships can be a tricky thing. You have to know who the best customers are, but at the same time you do not want to push too hard, or they will not do business with you. Keeping them informed with your latest products, and often offering a promotion in conjunction, will make them want to purchase more. At the same time, you are sometimes surprised by who you may consider a hard sell, so you do not want to give up on them. For these types of people, instead of a face to face, or on the phone meeting, that will often lead to your time being wasted, try dropping an email or postcard to keep them informed of what you have to offer. When gathering information on the current competition and customer information, sales people have to make sure they are paying close attention to the real ... ... middle of paper ... ...formation is at their fingertips, and they are ready to assist you. Ethics can get in the way of sales success, or they may not, it really depends on the type of person you are. Everyone is tempted to do something at some point in their lives that they know is not right, it is how you handle it that will decide the outcome. Sales people are constantly being asked to do something that they know they shouldn’t, but vowing to take their own personal code of ethics should remedy any temptation. If your company does not want you to accept a meal with a potential client, having a list of polite excuses should help not looking rude when you have to decline. Risking your job is not something someone would want to have happen to them, and this is why many companies offer extensive training to help sales people stay on the right mental track when on and off of the job.

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