The Use of Pertinent Film Techniques in Falling Down

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The Use of Pertinent Film Techniques in Falling Down Falling Down was released in 1992 and directed by Joel Schumacher, other films of his including The Client(1994)and also 8mm(1998). The opening sequence of Falling Downuses many techniques to portray the emotional and psychological effects of the events taking place around Michael Douglas' character. The first technique that is apparent to me is from the very beginning of the film. The openings to many films are action packed sequences with a whole lot of sound effects and music to accompany them but Falling Downuses none of these, just a silent, black screen over which the credits roll. This effect leaves the audience in suspense of what is going to happen straight away in the film. There is a sense of unawareness almost immediately. It is almost like a last resort before the pandemonium that is about to ensue hits you. When the action begins it is of a full close up of a man's sweaty forehead. The camera pulls away to reveal the whole face of the man and he is completely soaked in beads of sweat. His hair looks as though he's been in an electric shock and he's wearing thickly rimmed dark glasses. The glasses serve to make his eyes look heavy and wearisome. He wears a smart shirt and trousers with a black and white tie leading to the conclusion he is some sort of businessmen. He also carries a briefcase that becomes apparent later in the sequence. This is also where the first use of sound comes into the film. As soon as his soaked head is on the screen he's making heavy breathing sounds as if trying to calm down. The camera angle then slowly pulls away to the side of the ca... ... middle of paper ... ...e traffic works. Throughout the whole film I think it is evident that the narrative is pulling us towards the conclusion that, through Michael Douglas' characters actions and within the mise-en-scene, he is indeed having some sort of mid life crisis and that this is the day which sends him over the edge. The noises, actions and people around him are just the everyday sorts of hustle and bustle and compiled with the heat of the day, it all takes its toll. So in conclusion, through the actions of the character, the diegetic sounds constantly being present and the sights of shouting, arguing angry people, I think that it is safe to say that the narrator wants us to think that he is on the verge of some sort of mid life crisis and has finally reached breaking point, leaving us to wonder what he is going to do next.

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