The United States And The Civil War

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In my opinion the United States would have become half-slave and half-free had we not fought the Civil War. During the time before the Civil War Americans the South, and the North could not agree on whether or not we could survive as a nation being half-slave and half-free. I can imagine how hard this time could have been for the slaves at this point. They slaves who had not yet been freed probably gained a bitterness towards the slaves who were granted freedom in the North. Knowing that this was a topic probably gave the slaves hope that they would too soon be free, but it was probably like playing spades. Both the North, and the South seemed to have valid reasons for both their opinions, but the South was defeated in the end because slavery was abolished after the Civil War.
The Civil War wasn’t to end slavery. The North was actually focused on preserving the union, and the South fought to defend slavery. The North did not feel that they had a need for slaves so it was not their main priority, but on the other hand the South felt that they had a major need for slaves. After the ...
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