The Trojan War In The Iliad

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While there isn’t enough evidence to fully prove that the Trojan War described in Homer’s Iliad actually happened, there is evidence that wars may have happened during the time specified in the Iliad. Archaeologists and artefacts show that there was a war between Greece and Rome. Hittite records show that there was a military and political tensions around Troy around the 13th century which was around the time of the Trojan War written about in Homers Iliad.
Stories tell that the Trojan War begun after Paris who was a Trojan Prince stole Helen who was the Queen of Sparta. The husband of Queen Helen, Menelaus had convinced his brother Agamemnon who was the king of Mycenae to lead an expedition to Troy to get her back. Achilles, Ajax, Nestor, and Odysseus along with a fleet of more than a thousand ships accompanied Agamemnon to retrieve her. This is why Helen is described as “the face that launched a thousand ships”. They sailed across the Aegean Sea to invade Troy and to return Helen to Menelaus.
Homer was the writer of the Iliad and some call him the greatest Greek poet. The ...
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