The Themes Of Secrets And Silence In Detective Fiction

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The use of secrets and silence to enhance a narrative

The theme of secrets and silence are important themes to detective fiction, without secrets the narratives wouldn’t have anything to keep the readers interested in continuing with the story. Secrets keep the audience reading, trying to anticipate the next move the antagonist is going to make. Silence is also used in narratives to enhance the mystery of the storyline and draw the reader in, because without silence, secrets couldn’t be kept. This essay will explore the different uses of secrets and silence within narratives and how they enhance the storyline. The texts that will be explored are The Purloined letter by Edgar Allan Poe and The Adventures of the Dancing Men by Sir Arthur Conan
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This is shown by Dupin stealing the letter that the police chief wanted and then extorting a large sum of money from the officer before revealing that he was in possession of the letter. During this narrative Dupin and his companion remain silent throughout the officer’s explanation of his search. Although the story is centred on the misdeeds of another character the three main characters in the narrative are a police officer, Dupin, and the narrator. Dupin is involved in this narrative because the police need to consult with him. The officer also states that the only reason that he is looking as hard as he is, is because of a handsome reward for the return of the letter. (Poe, The Purloined letter)
The characters in The Purloined Letter consist of C. Auguste Dupin, the narrator, the Prefect of the Parisian police, minister D, and the victim of the story. Dupin reside in many tales written by Poe and is consequently the main character of this narrative, he is a complex character. As the story progresses the Minister and Dupin act in the same ways in regards to retrieving the letter from their respective victims. When the minister switches out the letter feigning ignorance with one that looks similar to gain power over the royal victim, Dupin does the same when retrieving the
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Sherlock Holmes is a complex character he has many flaws to compliment his many flaws. John Watson is Sherlock’s companion, he documents their adventures, and assists on medical information that is involved in their cases. The main characters of this narrative are Mr Hilton Cubitt and Mrs Elsie Patrick Cubitt, Hilton Cubitt first approaches Sherlock with Drawings reminiscent of a children’s story that upset his new wife. Despite not knowing about her past and promising to not ask about it he loves her anyway. Mrs Elsie Cubitt’s is an enigma there is not much we know about her as a character, her past is a secret and it was written that way to draw the readers in and keep them reading. She is the daughter of the Chicago gangster Old Patrick. Old Patrick came up with the Dancing men code. The code is being used by Abe Slaney, Elsie’s ex-boyfriend and who is a part of the same gang that Elsie has run from, is the one using the code to stalk and threaten her. Abe is also the one who killed her husband, but only to clear Elsie of the suspicion of committing murder suicide. Inspector Martin is a unique character, he is enamoured by Sherlock and his brilliance. Martin is first introduced to the story when Sherlock and his companion arrive at the Cubitt’s residence in

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