The Theme Of Women In Story Of An Hour By Kaye Chopin

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“Story of an Hour,” by Kaye Chopin resolves around love, marriage, freedom and independence of the main character Louise Mallard. The story began by first revealing that Mrs. Mallard has been burdened with a heart condition. She soon discovers her husband has died in a railroad accident. Mrs. Mallard is forced to face the emotional conflict between her husband’s death and the euphoria she feels at the prospect of freedom and independence. Her feeling of independence is quickly taken away, when her husband returns home unharmed. Chopin’s emancipated ideals form the basis of this story. Chopin explores the female identity in a patriarchal society. She explores the women of the nineteenth-century and how marriages result in the loss of property…show more content…
Mallard was forced to face emotional barriers and conflicts when she was advised of her husband’s death. “She wept at once, with sudden abandonment” (Chopin, par. 3 1984) Mrs. Mallard cried because she loved her husband, but at the same time, Mr. Mallard’s death would mean freedom and independence for Mrs. Mallard. Widows regained “legal recognition and control over their own lives.” (President, & Harvard, F. 2010) Mrs. Mallard’s weeping shows the conflict between grief and happiness. Emotions eventually turn into thoughts and revolution; she begins envisioning the prospects of the path her life could take. When Mrs. Mallard runs upstairs she faces “the open window…” (Chopin, par. 4 1984) and sits in the armchair feeling her bodies exhaustion “that haunted her body and seemed to reach into her soul.” (Chopin, par. 4 1984) This is the moment Mrs. Mallard feels released from her oppression and the feeling of freedom begins. The open window and blue sky symbolizes a new life; she begins feeling life is worth living. Mrs. Mallard once hoped life would be short but now prays for a long life. She smells the fresh air and the song of the sparrows. The sparrow is a symbol of self-worth and passion for ourselves that is within our hearts, just waiting to be awoken. The clearing sky symbolizing how the clouds in her own life and marriage were now cleared away, the rain cleansing her soul that was oppressed by her marriage. She was “Free! Body and soul free!” (Chopin, para. 14
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