The Theme Of Revenge In The Tragedy Of Hamlet?

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In the story The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, by Shakespeare Hamlets father is killed for some unknown reason. Hamlet wanted to find out who would do such a thing. In the play there were many tragedies that occurred thought-out the play. All these tragedies occur because Hamlet decides to wait until he gets his revenge. There was a single event that caused more tragedies to occur as we progress thought the play.
A ghost came into Hamlets life and claimed he know what had happened to his father. At first Hamlet did not believe the ghost. The ghost said, “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (1.5.25). The ghost was telling Hamlet he needs to get revenge on the person who had killed his father. Hamlet character progressed
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Hamlet starts to change as he only thinks about revenge. When Claudius was in the church, he could have gotten his revenge there, but he was thinking rationally. Hamlets parents start to worry about him. He has started to isolate himself from everyone. The more days that go by which Hamlet has not gotten his revenge the more he has separated from everyone. Hamlet has stopped talking to everyone even his close friends. Hamlets just wants revenge and his life has become dull, because if he does not achieve this task then it will seem like his life is a waste. In other words Hamlet has just forgotten how to live life and cannot think straight on a daily…show more content…
Hamlets two friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern had been killed. Their death could have been preventing, but every person Hamlet has killed, he was just trying to look out for himself. The more Hamlets had delayed his revenge on Claudius the more paranoid he got. Claudius wanted to kill Hamlet because he was a threat to his thorn. Claudius also found out that Hamlet know the truth about how his father had been tragedy killed, so that Claudius could become the king of Denmark. Hamlet was so paranoid that he started to kill his two friends as he thought they had betrayed him. Hamlet did not feel safe around anyone he know. Revenge is a type of disease that can take the mind over. Hamlet did feel sorry for killing his two friends when he said, “they are not near my conscience” (5.2.59). He thought Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were working for Claudius.
When Laertes died, Hamlet was not really fault. Claudius was evil and made Laertes and Hamlet duel. The sword that Hamlet killed Laertes was actually to be used against Hamlet. Hamlet had killed Laertes with a poisoned sword. Claudius was hoping to get rid of Hamlet by ordering Laertes to poison. Claudius had ordered Laertes as “he sends to know if your pleasure holds to play…take longer time” (5.2.181-183). In this duel Hamlet had to win in order to keep his promise to himself that he wanted to get revenge on Claudius. Hamlet killed another man in order to protect
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