The Temperance Movement

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Temperance Movement
What was the purpose of the Temperance Movement and Prohibition on alcohol? The Temperance Movement was an anti-alcohol movement. The Temperance Movement took place back in the early 20th century. The Christian abolitionists who fought slavery also prayed to the same God to end the scourge of alcohol. The purpose of the Temperance Movement was to try to abolish alcohol in the early 1900’s. “’We Sang Rock of Ages‘: Frances Willard Battles Alcohol in the late 19th Century” (Willard). The author the of literary piece is Frances Willard and the literary piece is an autobiography. America should get rid of alcohol because it ruins lives along with the family of that person who is an alcoholic. The article “’We Sang Rock of Ages’: Frances Willard Battles Alcohol in the late 19th Century” (Willard) reflects the temperance movement and the prohibition on alcohol in the 1920’s by banning the use of alcohol for any use other then medical use.
The theme of the Literature was to explain what the Temperance Movement was about. The Temperance Movement was a major campaign on the prohibition on alcohol that is to stop the drinking of alcohol in the United States of America. The Temperance Movement had a major issue about people drinking alcohol. It was a major issue because alcohol was ruining families and making families poor. Alcohol is a major waste of money and destroys the lives of people and there families. “Nevertheless, National Prohibition succeeded both in lowering consumption and in retaining political support until the onset of the Great Depression altered voters priorities” (Blocker). The Temperance Movement was helping lower the consumption and sales of alcoholic beverages. “Prohibition affected alcoholic bev...

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...l and it is no longer going on today because we can legally have and purchase alcohol at the age of 21. The Temperance Movement does not affect any people today because the Temperance Movement is not taking place anymore and people can now buy alcohol at stores and at bars.

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