The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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American Author, Edgar Allan Poe, wrote short stories that were completely different than any of the other stories you would hear during the nineteenth century. They did in fact though, have a great impact on people’s lives. Poe’s stories were mysterious, dark and sinister. People credit Poe with the invention of Science Fiction and Mystery genres. Poe had an impact on not only American Literature, but also on many writers through the years and even singers today. Those are some reasons why Poe should and is included in a school’s curriculum. It is said that Poe’s stories and poems were filled with terror, fear, death, murder, insanity, torture and the unknown because Poe experienced a large amount of tragedy in his life. His father was an alcoholic and left Edgar when he was young. Poe’s mother was also out of the picture at a young age due to dying of tuberculosis. His foster mother and his wife also died. Poe was born into poverty, he lived in poverty and he died in poverty. Poe wrote things that other writers found wicked. He wrote stories about human emotions in ways other than just being happy or in love. An example is “The Tell-Tale Heart.” It was considered “too vulgar” by many, but it was a true problem with people that he had no problem talking about it. “The Tell-Tale Heart,” is an emotional description of a furious narrator who had heard a man’s persistent heartbeat, still beating, after he had killed him. It is a horror story told from a first-person point of view. This story is famous for showing that a short story can produce such an effect on the reader. Poe always believed that any great literature must create a union of effect on the reader. It has to tell truth and suggest emotions. “The Tell-Tale Heart” re... ... middle of paper ... ... too. Poe influenced artists such as The Beatles, Bauhaus, The Alan Parsons Project, The Cure and even Panic at the Disco! Poe was on the cover of The Beatles Sgt, Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Bauhaus have always had a dark tip to everything and anything they do. It is said that they definitely read “The Raven” in school. The Alan Parsons Project released a full album called, “Tales of Mystery and Imagination.” It was based off of Poe’s short stories and his poems. The Cure have always imparted a gothic romanticism in their music, they certainly took pages from Poe’s stories. Finally, Panic At The Disco may be very pop, punk, dance-dandy guys, but the way they dressed just screamed Edgar Allan Poe. For an author to be in a school curriculum, you do not have to just influence other writers. It is good to be able to inspire and influence all kind of people.
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