The Story of Winston Churchill

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The story of Winston Churchill’s upbringing and life through politics and war did not begin as one might expect. More often than not, fictional stories usually portray our main character as a man of little things who climbs the social ladder through their own achievements and intelligence. Instead, Churchill began and ended his extensive life as a privileged being, but it is in the middle where the most interesting facts lay. Winston Churchill is the most influential man in European History. Beginning as a boy who hated school to a man who could sway another with a single speech, his personal change was drastic; but so was the change that he brought to the world and Great Britain.

On November 30, 1874, Winston Leonard Churchill was born in Blenheim Palace (Black 40). His father was Lord Randolph; a persistent politician who spent much of his time working for the Liberal Party. His mother was Jennie Jerome; a young woman who was the daughter of an American millionaire (41). Throughout his life, Churchill does not reflect of his parents too fondly of his parents who always distanced themselves from their son.

When Churchill was two, the family moved to Ireland where Lord Randolph was to work for his father, the Duke of Marlborough. He did not have a very close relationship with his parents, especially his father (Black 42). Churchill recalls at his mother’s death, “She shone for me like the evening star. I loved her dearly — but at a distance” (Dell 627). Much of his time was spent with his nanny, who attempted to teach him math, reading and writing (Black 46). Quite often, Lord Randolph would be off for a political reason while Jennie Jerome enjoyed the social life a young woman might have in this time period. They stayed in...

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...e belligerent, especially when the Cold War almost turned into an actual war, he was a man of many words that could sway the opinions of many. One speech could turn an entire country’s perspective in the exact opposite direction and with this skill, Britain emerged as a world leader in the preceding half of the twentieth-century. Sir Winston Churchill lived a full and complete life. Though his death may have been sullen, his message was clear, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it” (Dell 259) and so was the case.

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