The Story of Elizabeth- Personal Narrative

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The Story of Elizabeth- Personal Narrative

In 1987, when I was 5, I discovered television commercials. I would watch television for hours, and every time a new toy would be advertised I would run to my mother. "Mommy! Mommy! I want that!" I would tell her. I always received the same response. "Maybe Santa will bring you one." One day, shortly after preschool, I was watching my favorite show, when a commercial came on for a doll. The commercial showed little cartoon babies sleeping between cabbages. A little girl and her mother came to the patch and picked out the baby she wanted. The doll was a Cabbage Patch Kid, and I knew I had to have it.

Every baby was different, so you could pick the one that you wanted. That made the doll very special. They had babies of different races, with different colors of hair, and even some with freckles. The babies came with a name, a birthday, and adoption papers so you could make it your very own

As soon as the commercial ended, I ran to my mother. "Mommy! I want a Cabbage kid. Please, I have to have one!" I insisted. Instead of telling me to wait for Christmas, she just smiled and said, "We'll see" That following weekend my mom piled me into the car and we drove an hour to the nearest toy store. She did not tell me why we were going but I had a feeling I knew. When we got to the store my mom took me to the big display of Cabbage Patch Kids. She told me to pick out the one I liked the most. I looked over each doll carefully. I saw dolls with red hair and freckles, dolls with curly black hair, dolls with long straight brown hair. I could not make up my mind. Finally my mom pointed out a doll in the bottom of the display. She had golden blonde ringlet curls, just like me, that were tied in two ponytails with blue ribbons. She was wearing a light blue dress with black shoes. She had a chubby little face with rosey red cheeks and dimples. I knew this was the one for me.

I don't know why I wanted this blonde-haired, green-eyed doll so much, but something about her must have sparked my mother's interest too. "She's perfect" mom said as she looked down and smiled.

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