The Social Problem of Crime in America

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Over the past twenty years, the prison system has grown and crime has increased dramatically. Since last year, violent crime rates have increased fifteen percent and property crime rates have increased twelve percent. Police are now present at almost every public corner, every school, every workplace, and every community across the nation yet the crime rates are still increasing. The "militarization of the police" in America is doing little to help decrease crime rates and is becoming a large part of American life today (Madar). As a social problem, crime represents a deviation from social norms and is a result of lack of education, unemployment rates, and issues with the legal system.
The issues with education begin "early in the academic system" (Vindis). By the fourth grade, thirty-one percent of students are behind on the NAEP (National Assessment of Education Progress) standards with the trend running through eighth grade students, as well. Without proper education, people lack the skills necessary to enter the adult world, attend college, and obtain good paying jobs in order to support themselves and their families, resulting in crime. Neighborhoods and cities with high crime rates also tend to have high dropout rates, high poverty levels, and high unemployment levels. For example, East St. Louis, IL is a U.S city with high crime rates. The average educational level of the United States is a five with ten being the most educated. St. Louis' educational level is ranked at three; below national average. It is also among the fifteen percent lowest income communities in America with 34.6% of children in poverty and one school district with 85.6% of the student body economically disadvantaged. In East St. Louis, vio...

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